A Full Service

Email Marketing Agency

Ursa Metrix is a full service email marketing agency that builds powerful automated email campaigns and sequences to move customers through your customer value journey.


From Subscriber to Buyer to Multi-Buyer

Once someone subscribes to your business, we put them on a path designed to indoctrinate them to your brand, engage with their interests, and convert them into customers.

As customers, we excite them about your services, and ascend them to become multi-buyers, customers who come back and buy more of your products & services.

Behavioral Marketing

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Email Marketing Automation

Build Relationships Through
Email Marketing Automation

People buy from brands that they know and trust, and we build that by creating relationships.   Ursa Metrix helps you create email marketing automation campaigns specifically designed to create relationships with your subscribers.  Building trust in your brand which in turn, becomes loyalty to your brand.

Automated Email Marketing in Action

Lifecycle marketing is a methodology we use that speaks to the customer at whatever stage of the customer lifecycle they are in.

Welcome Email Sequence

When someone subscribes to your company, we welcome them, reassure them that they are in the right place, and indoctrinate them into your brand.

Follow Up Sequence

The key to sales is to never stop following up, and when someone indicates that they are actively interested in your services, we follow up with them to get the sale.

Long Term Nurture Sequence

Having a long-term plan for nurturing your subscribers into leads, and your leads into customers, and your customers into lifelong buyers is a must.

Promotional Sales Sequence

Generate sales and convert leads into buyers quickly with proven promotional email campaigns.

Win-Back Re-engagement Sequence

Bring old leads back and re-engage subscribers who haven’t interacted with your brand recently.

Behavioral Trigger Sequence

Provide relevant emails based on subscriber behaviors and interests.  Segment your list based on key demographics and interests to get the right message to the right people.

Cart Abandonment Sequence

Give your customers gentle reminders and nudges that they haven’t yet completed their purchase.

Fulfillment & Excitement Sequence

Let your customers know what to expect and generate excitement once they buy from you.

Ascension Sequence

Increase lifetime customer value buy encouraging your customers to buy more products/services from you.

Reviews & Testimonials Sequence

Turn happy customers into raving fans who leave reviews & testimonials about your brand, increasing social proof and helping drive more sales.