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Website Design and Marketing Automation
For the Wedding and Events Industry

Get More Bookings

If you own a business in the wedding and special events industry, you know that getting bookings can be a struggle.

Repeat customers are few and far between when every customer is (hopefully) only getting married once.

It is a never ending battle of finding new clients, having to explain what you do, and having to justify why they should pay what you charge.

Dates are your inventory! Unlike a retail store who buys products to sell, your inventory are the dates on a calendar.  

If a store fails to sell their product today, they can still sell it tomorrow and make a profit.  

But if you fail to book your dates… you will never be able to sell that date and profit once the date has passed.

Ask Yourself:

If you do not know these numbers for your business, don’t panic! You’re not alone…  Contact us today

Get More Leads

Leads are the lifeblood of your business.  Without prospective clients, you can’t get bookings.

Quality vs. Quantity… why not both?!

You get quality leads by attracting your ideal client, people who you like to work with, and who WANT to have you as their vendor.  These clients become your biggest fans.

At the same time you repel the clients you do not want to work with. These clients cause you headaches, refunds, and bad reviews.

How do you increase the quantity of leads that you generate, in addition to the quality?  

… By increasing awareness of your brand, and engaging with your potential customers, and using powerful calls-to-action to get your ideal client to raise their hand and say “I want to learn more about YOU!”


Ask Yourself:

If you do not know these numbers for your business, don’t panic! You’re not alone…  Contact us today

Get More Traffic

Billboards on the side of the road become more valuable as more traffic drives past them.

Physical “brick and mortar” retail stores can only sell items if customer foot-traffic enters through their doors.

Your company and website can only generate leads if you can generate web traffic… visitors to your website.

Ask Yourself:

If you do not know these numbers for your business, don’t panic! You’re not alone…  Contact us today

Who or What is UrsaMetrix?
(and why should you care)

A consulting agency and business coach.

Hi!  I’m Aaron.

I’m many things, an entrepreneur, an entertainer, a dad, a coach.

What I do is build businesses, using a methodical and measured approach.

I own and operate multiple wedding and event based businesses, providing services at over 2000 events per year.

I built the marketing automation that turns leads into booked clients.

I designed and built the websites that dominate my markets in search engines and reviews.

And now I help businesses like you to:

  • Identify your ideal customer so that you can attract more like them.
  • Track and measure key metrics in your business, because you can’t improve things that are not measured.
  • Map out the customer value journey that will take your ideal clients along the path:
    • Becoming aware of your business
    • Engaging with your business (warming up)
    • Subscribing and raising their hand to say “I want to know more” by becoming a lead
    • Converting and becoming a paying customer
    • Building excitement and anticipation of your services
    • Ascending to become a multi-buyer, booking multiple services and add-ons or becoming a repeat customer
    • Advocating for your business with fantastic reviews
    • Actively promoting your business and helping drive growth
  • Implement and build systems that can be automated to free up time and reduce repetitive tasks.

Aaron Abramson

Founded out of Necessity

Ursa Metrix, LLC as a company was founded as a Pivot during the shutdowns of the 2020 pandemic that shuttered the special events industry.

Providing much needed marketing and automation guidance to those dealing with whether or not they could stay in business, let alone grow their companies during that tumultuous time.

Do you want your business to grow?

Next Steps

Discovery Session - $200

1 Hour Zoom call to go over your business, website, and dive into where you are at today, in order to identify where we can help you.

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Coaching - $6,000

Weekly coaching sessions over Zoom to look at where you're at, where you want to be, and identify the specific steps for you to take this week.

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CRM Buildout with Marketing Automation - $8,000

Setup and configuration of a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) system with automated email marketing for sales and follow-up.

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Website Design - $10,000

Your website will attract customers, capture leads, and showcase your brand, becoming a powerful asset in your business.

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Additional Services & Resources

Core Analytics

You can't know where you're going if you don't know where you are at. Get your Core Analytics set up so you can start tracking your metrics properly and know what they mean.

Google Ads Management

Get instant traffic to your website through Google Ads. Your ad account will be managed, measured, and optimized to generate conversions.

Facebook & Instagram Ads Management

Generate awareness, engagement, and leads through targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram. We understand the events industry and know how to laser target your ideal client.


When potential customers visit your website, your ads will follow them around the internet gently reminding them to take the next-step in your customer value journey.