I don’t know about you but I seem to get a lot of junk mail.

I’m talking physical junk mail…

WHY do you think that is?

Why do companies spend a lot of money, effort, and energy to physically carpet bomb cities with junk mail?

Because it works.

One of my companies, a wedding DJ company, is pretty much the ONLY company in my market that sends out physical mail to leads.

Yes, it costs me a bit of moolah to do a mailer.

Usually between $1-2/piece.

So when I mail out to a batch of 1,200+ brides to be… I’m dropping anywhere from $1,200-2,400 on that marketing piece.

But it all comes down to return on investment.

I know that when I do a mailer, my sales go up… and it’s worth it!

So the next time you check your mail box, and you see junk mail… take a moment to really look at it before you toss it.

Ask yourself:

WHO is the target customer for this ad?

WHAT is the call-to-action for this ad?

WHAT is the incentive for this ad?

Now think about who is your target customer? What call-to-action do you want your customer to take? What incentive are you giving your customer to take action?

If you can answer those questions, then you can put together a postcard, or letter, and mail that out to your list of leads.