How to Add a Partner to your Infusionsoft or Keap Account

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Using Zapier with DJ Event Planner to Push Leads into DJEP

Here is a quick video from a Zoom call I had with fellow DJ Jonathan Mac where I walk through how I use Zapier to “Zap” contacts from my Email marketing program (Keap/Infusionsoft) into DJEP or DJ Event Planner. If you would like me to implement this in your business, shoot me an email at […]

Turning Old Leads Into Cash

If you run a business in the special events industry (weddings, mitzvahs, private events, etc), then you probably get a lot of requests for information & pricing from clients interested in your services. What do you do with those leads if they do not book you right away? Well in my business – Pro Sound […]

Do you own a job, or do you own a business?

Do you own a job, or do you own a business? If you don’t know what the difference is… a job requires your own personal exchange of time and effort for money. A business leverages the time and effort of employees or other assets to generate money. If you run a photo booth company and […]

Generate More Revenue With Targeted Direct Mail

I don’t know about you but I seem to get a lot of junk mail. I’m talking physical junk mail… WHY do you think that is? Why do companies spend a lot of money, effort, and energy to physically carpet bomb cities with junk mail? … Because it works. One of my companies, a wedding […]

How to Sell your DJ or Photo Booth Services to Brides at Wedding Shows

Bridal shows 101. Brides go there to get information, NOT to buy. Perhaps 3% of attendees are in a “buyer” mode. Collect leads, as many as you can. We do NOT use iPads or laptops to collect info, we use pen and paper slips…. BECAUSE you can have 5-10 people filling out slips at the […]